What We Do

The organization that we work for, Mercy Ships, provides free, life-changing, specialized surgeries to the poor of Western Africa.  For more about Mercy Ships and the Africa Mercy click here.

So, how does the Koontz Family fit in?

Peter served for nearly seven years as the Chief Steward on the Africa Mercy.  He then served for one year as the Field Security Officer, with responsibility for safety and security ashore, especially at patient selection (screening) events.  He now serves in Maritime Training at the International Operations Center in Texas, providing foundational skills as a maritime trainer, developing new curricula, and facilitating external training for deck and engineering crew.

Dara was the Nursery Teacher onboard.  She was responsible for looking after 1-3 year olds during school hours.  She now home schools Xavier to help him with his transition from the only life he knew on the Africa Mercy to US culture.

Grace, Elijah, and Malachi are attending public school in Van, TX.  They are thriving and continue to serve as salt and light in their interactions with those around them.

That is, in broad strokes, what we do.  For more information on what we believe, click here.