Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amazing Race - Africa Mercy Style

Hi, this is Eli.

Last Saturday 15 teams of 3 people each participated in the Amazing Race.  They had to make it to certain destinations that had different challenges such as: drinking two cups of a nasty blended concoction with sardines, hot sauce, peanut butter, etc. (some people barfed); score three goals against three local kids in soccer; pound and eat their own fufu (a west African dish of boiled yams and plantains pounded together with water to make a dough-like paste); make a fire that got hot enough to burn through a rope that was over it; make up their own rap song; paddle a local canoe to a lighthouse and back (some people had to run the muddy beach instead when the tide was too high); find a certain person at a large local market who was walking around; and catch two roosters.  There were ten stations in total, spread out across downtown Conakry. 

The teams had to either walk, run, or take taxis but they only had a small amount of local money so they had to use it wisely.  We ran the rooster station.  We got to explain the rules when they arrived and then let the roosters out in a courtyard (which was at the site of our shore-based dental clinic).  The teams had to catch the two roosters while wearing a rubber glove on their heads and yellow dishwashing gloves on their hands.  It was fun and funny to watch them.  Some teams were more experienced with animals than other teams so they caught them faster.

It got a bit boring sometimes waiting for the next team to come.  The first team came at about 9:10 in the morning and the last team just after 2:00 in the afternoon.  Afterward, all the teams and the organizers went to a local hotel with a pool.  There were some kittens there that I liked to play with and hold.  It was a really fun day.

The end.