Monday, August 30, 2010

Whales for Breakfast

NOT the whale we saw, just a close representation.
As most of you reading this blog will know, we are at sea on our way to South Africa.  Most mornings we will eat breakfast in the dining room.  Today, we were running a bit late so we decided to have cereal in our cabin.  Well, those of us that were awake, anyway.  Let's just say it was a mens' breakfast.  Anyway, the common room of our cabin (combination living room, dining room, 'kitchen', storage...) has windows along the wall, which is a huge blessing when we are at sea.  As I (Peter) was looking out at the water over my bowl of Cheerios a leviathan of the deep surged up and broke through the surface of the watery expanse, exposing itself to the rays of the early morning sun, and crashing back down into the rolling sea, shattering the white capped waves into an explosion of crystal like droplets (a whale jumped out of the water and made a big splash).   There's nothing like jumping, multi-ton, aquatic mammals to break the monotony of cabin fever for 7 and 10 year old boys.  God is good.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"Okay", you ask, "so what's the deal with the blog title"?  "I thought you lived on a ship".

Well, we do.  When we finally decided that we wanted to start a blog to communicate more regularly with you about what is going on in our lives and ministry, we sat down as a family on several occasions to decide what to call it.  A lot of ideas were thrown around, most of them nautically themed.

We decided on 'Ketchup' mostly becuase we just thought it was a really fun play on 'catch up'.  Also, with Peter's role as Chief Steward which, among other things, means he is responsible for food and catering operations onboard, having a condiment in the blog title seemed appropriate.  Lastly, we hope and pray that this blog will add a little flavor to your life from time to time.

We plan to use this as a place to share stories, thoughts, questions, musings, prayer requests, updates, photos, etc.  We hope that you will 'ketchup' with us from time to time by reading our blogs and posting comments.  In so doing, you accompany us on this amazing journey that we could not be on without you.