Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making Waves

We set sail from Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Thursday and are on our way to Conakry, Guinea, where we will spend 10 months sharing the love of Jesus with one another and those who we have been called to serve in the nation. 

Seas have been calm and it has been a great voyage so far.  We saw some whales off of the starboard beam today and then played sock golf in the afternoon (a bit tough to explain in writing). 

There are many aspects of living on a ship and doing what we do that are challenging and trying.  However, being at sea is something incredibly special and we are always reminded of our blessings as we sail. 

Here is the view of the sunset out of our cabin window the other day:


I was appalled to see that it's been over a month since my last post, especially since my previous one promised BST pictures "soon".  Evidently, that's a relative term.  So here's a bit of a catch up.

BST Photos (thanks to Josh Young):

How not to handle a hoseline :)

Fake smoke - I promise.

After 12 days in Texas assisting the BST course Grace and I flew to the Seattle area for 6 days.  We had a great time connecting with family and friends.  Here is a photo of Grace with some of her cousins:

Canary Islands.  While Grace and I were in the United States, Dara and the boys had to move ashore because the Africa Mercy was in dry dock, which isn't a safe living environment for kids.  Mercy Ships obtained quite a number of donated and reduced rate hotel rooms on the south end of Gran Canaria.  They were in the hotel for 19 days.  They generally had a good time but 19 days is a long time to live out of a hotel room.

The hotel they stayed at.

They got to go bowling, which Xavier had never done before.
 That pretty much brings us to the end of our time in the Canary Islands.