Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shipping Container Swimming

Okay, so it isn't exactly a shipping container, but it's pretty stinkin' close.  Several years ago someone donated money to have a swimming pool installed on the Africa Mercy.  Though it isn't much to look at (it pretty much is a shipping container with the top cut off that was placed on top of the deck and then a platform was built around) we are so very grateful to have it.  We make use of it frequently and it is a fantastic place for the boys to get some energy out - when there aren't a bunch of people sitting around it who cringe at getting splashed by rambunctious kids.  It is a pool...

Here are some photos of us using the pump-action water guns that Santa brought for Christmas.

Elijah taking aim

Malachi preparing for an attach

I think I missed my calling as a Navy Seal

Xavier leading the charge