Saturday, April 14, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

Xavier 'playing dead' with a fat and bloody lip.

So, I (Peter) managed to drop Xavier on his face.  Needless to say, I felt horrible.  We were up at the pool and he wanted me to wrap him up in his towel with his arms in.  I had him in one arm and his life jacket and pool toys in the other.  I carried him safely down three flights of steps.  The fall didn't happen until after we got into the cabin.  I had just walked through the door and he is so used to just wiggling to get down that he did just that.  However, his arms were wrapped up inside the towel and I had stuff in my other arm.  In an instant he fell flat on his face on our cabin floor.  He split his lip open and knocked one of his front teeth a bit out of alignment.  Less than a week later his lip is almost nearly healed now and his tooth is fine.  He cried for a solid 45 minutes when it happened, though and looked like he lost a prize fight. 


We had a great Easter onboard the Africa Mercy.  It is always a fantastic experience and we joyfully celebrated the resurrection of our Savior.  Here are some photos of our Easter:

Easter Egg Coloring in the Dining Room

More Egg Coloring