Saturday, October 18, 2014

A New Season

It would take far more words than most of you are probably interested in reading to chronicle all of the changes that have taken place in the past few months.  One change in particular we wanted to share with you.  Upon arrival in Madagascar I (Peter) will be transitioning into the role of Field Security Officer.

Seven and a half years ago I joined the Africa Mercy as the Food Services Manager, responsible for galley and dining room operations as well as supply ordering for those areas.  Eighteen months later I was asked to accept responsibility for two more departments - Crew Services and Hospitality.  I accepted the role of Chief Steward and the Stewards Department was created.  We have come a very, very long way in the past five years; from territorial squabbling, poor morale, bad food, and a lack of defined processes to the department of teamwork and excellence that we are today.  Many have had a hand in this incredible positive growth and I will be forever grateful for their efforts.  I am generally uncomfortable talking about my role in the successes of the department as I would prefer others receive accolades and recognize that all of our strengths come from God.  As I reflect on the past seven years, though, I have no doubt I was the right person for the job and anointed to lead for that season.

As is always the case there is much left to do.  It is time for another season and a Chief Steward with a different gift pack to carry the torch of excellence into the future.  I am thrilled to be moving into the Field Security Officer role.  In this position I will be responsible for safety and security of our crew and facilities ashore.  The primary aspect is to conduct crowd control at our surgical, dental, and eye selections.  This is where potential patients, many of them driven to desperation due to a lack of available medical care, line up - sometimes by the thousands - to be screened by our medical professionals to determine if they are candidates for the specialized care we provide.  I will also liaise with local law enforcement and military.  

Though I have no doubts as to my ability to perform my duties with excellence, this is a dramatic change from the role of Chief Steward and I ask for your prayers in this transition.  I also request your prayers for my family as they are making some sacrifices for me to take this position.  Onward and upward.