Saturday, April 9, 2011


Elijah, Malachi, and Xavier have all gotten matching hair cuts.  Xavier has wanted to be 'bald' for quite a while but Malachi and Elijah had to be bribed with candy and my commitment to grow my (Peter) hair out to the same length as theirs (something I haven't done for at least 10 years).  Check out their pictures on the sidebar for a comparison to the new streamlined look.


Despite having gone to water restrictions (including using disposable dishes, closing the laundry, and other measures), increased overall consumption and lack of availability of fresh water ashore have forced the decision to shut off the ships fresh water system.  In four years onboard and several water crises we have never experienced a shortage this critical.  Please pray for miraculous provision of fresh water to the ship, for the crew as we wrestle with life without water, and for ships' leaders (especially the Captain) that we would guide the community with grace, boldness, and wisdom through this time.