Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stars and Stripes

Grace and I (Peter) are back in the good ol' US of A.  We arrived last week Thursday.  I'm helping to instruct Basic Safety Training at the Mercy Ships International Operations Center in Lindale, TX.  Basic Safety Training (BST) is a maritime training course that covers firefighting (thus my involvement), CPR/First Aid, personal safety and social responsibility (a.k.a. workplace safety), and personal survival at sea. 

We did our fire field exercises yesterday (I'll try to get some photos soon) which involved Search and Rescue, Class A and Class B fires, and  a simulated Class C fire.  The students got to use portable fire extinguishers, protective fog pattern to access and shut off a fuel line valve, and indirect hose stream attacks on a pallet fire in a shipping container.  I think our max temp was around 700 degrees.  Not too hot but hot enough. 

Grace has been hanging out with her friend Bess who we know from the ship.  Their family has been kind enough to allow us to stay in their home while we're here. 

Tuesday the 17th we fly up to the Seatlle area for a few days before heading back to the Canary Islands to meet up with Dara and the boys (who we both miss very much!).  I will be giving the message during both services at Crossview Church in Snohomish on Sunday the 22nd.  Any and all are welcome to attend.  We're looking forward both to that and a brief opportunity to reconnet with family and friends in the Northwest.  Please contact me at if you live in the area and would like to get together for our brief time there.