Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cultural Kids

Although we spend 10 months (usually) in each nation that we serve, we do not live ashore and so do not always have opportunity to experience all of the daily aspects of life in the cultures we interact with.  The Elementary students recently got to participate in a cultural experience field trip in which they got to do just that.  They spent the day doing daily chores and activities.  It was a long, hot day but they had a great time.

Braiding Hair


Drawing Well Water

Carrying Water

Making Bracelets

Playing Djembe (drums)

Washing Laundry

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Academic Update

The Communications Department onboard recently took school pictures for the Academy.  They did an amazing job!  Here are some of the photos along with some info about the end of this school year and the plans for next year.

9th and 10th Grade with their Mentor Teacher, Miss Dunn

All of the High School students and their teachers

6th graders and their Mentor Teacher, Miss Kelly

4th and 5th grades with their teacher, Miss Remy

The Preschool class with his teacher, Miss Dara :)

Grace has finals just around the bend.  She has done very well in her first year of high school.  She will be turning sixteen in October and is ready to spread her wings.  She is still pursuing spending her 10th grade year in France.  She was accepted to her program and will head to the US this summer to interview for her student visa, which we learned must be obtained in your nation of residence. 

Grace also just learned that she was awarded a $500 scholarship for her year in France.  The scholarship covers 5% of the program cost.  There is still plenty of opportunity assist her financially if you would like!  You can see her blog to find out how. 

Elijah is finishing up 6th grade, which is the first year of junior high in the Academy.  He has done a great job adjusting to the increased workload and expectations.  He also has finals coming up.  It's not his first time because he was in 6th grade math last year, but it is the first year that he will have finals in each subject.  Eli loves science and math but these courses had to be done online this year because the Academy was short of teachers.  It was a bit disappointing to him and he's looking forward to having a 'proper' science class next year.

Elijah turns 13 this summer and will be going to the US with Dara to celebrate this huge 'coming of age' year, just as Peter brought Grace to the US for her 13th birthday.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to see family and experience many of the comforts and opportunities that are not available in the developing nations of West Africa.

Malachi is finishing 4th grade.  He continues to be a 'happy go lucky' kind of guy and takes pretty much everything in stride.  Like many boys, his favorite subjects are the 'specials': PE, music, art, etc. (not to mention break!).  Malachi loves to be active!  Finding activities for he (and Elijah) as he grows is an increasing challenge.  Please pray that we can find some ways to engage him physically with the limitations of living on a ship with a busy dock and a steel weather-deck for 'playgrounds'.

Malachi will be staying onboard over the summer with Peter while Dara, Elijah, and Grace are in the US.  The ship will be in Gran Canaria, which we are less familiar with but hope to be able to do some bike rides and trips to the park (and perhaps some other fun activities 'on the cheap').

Xavier is finishing preschool.  Dara has been homeschooling him this year since he was the only preschooler.  They have had a great time and Dara has done a phenomenal job.  He can read beginner books, write his letters, and count past 100.

He will be moving on to Kindergarten.  The shift in schedule will take some getting used to - for him and for us! He will be moving from half-day to full day. 

Xavier loves life and is holding his own with his older siblings.  He loves to run, play, and swim.  He will also be staying onboard this summer with Peter and Malachi, finding ways to take advantage of the time in the Canary Islands.  The ship will be in the shipyard, which is an industrial area so prayers for a nearby park would be appreciated.

We have had a full year with joys and challenges.  Thank you for journeying with us!  We appreciate and value your friendship and support.